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The first step to preparing a site for demolition and construction is enabling works.

Sevenhills Demolition has all the tools, know-how and carefully prepared processes in place to make this vital stage possible. It’s a stage that can be overlooked by other companies, but for us it forms an important part of the foundations.


We carry out enabling works for both small and large commercial projects. Each task, regardless of size, is completed with the utmost attention to detail. This not only prepares the area for the next stage, it also eliminates any potential issues for the future.

Our professional and highly skilled team offer a range of activities when approaching enabling words. These include:

  • Site preparation works

  • Temporary works including erecting hoarding and fencing

  • Façade retention

  • Propping

  • Disconnections of services

  • Removal of hazardous materials including remediation

  • Removal of vegetation

  • Custom fill

  • Piling mats

Each of these activities are completed to the highest of standards whilst adhering to all health and safety rules – even in the most challenging of environments. It fully prepares the site ahead of minor and major developments.

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